The Rumour of the “Wuhan Virus” – the origin of the (alleged) new coronavirus

Perhaps we were naïve to believe that the rumour about the Wuhan virus said to have been hatched in and then escaped from some bioweapons laboratory would finally be put to rest after the first quarter of 2021. After all, there were enough scientists (also within the mainstream) who were able to refute the Wuhan virus rumour with good arguments. But as rumours and legends are wont to do, they are often much stronger than facts and persist even after they have long since been disproven.
Meanwhile one is constantly confronted with this – we have to use this meaningless phrase here – conspiracy theory. Especially from the USA, accusations and suspicions are becoming louder and more frequent so that even the mainstream no longer ignores them.

Has anything changed in the discussion or evidence for this story since the first rumours of 2020 and the new rumours of early 2021? No…
The arguments continue to be based on the same impressions; on claims and accusations by supposed insiders and intelligence agencies who have observed “suspicious things” here and there; on supposedly “logical” conclusions; on renowned experts and authority figures who consider the Wuhan virus theory to be “entirely plausible”; and, of course, on “traces” of the coronavirus here and proven “antibodies” there.

None of this constitutes evidence of any kind of conspiracy and cover-up, and no scientifically verifiable facts support the Wuhan virus theory in any way.

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In our video “On Related Issues, No. 01 – Bioweapons: the myth of the man-made pathogen” we have dealt in detail with the subject of the alleged laboratory-grown pathogens. There is still nothing more to say on this whole subject, and there will still be nothing more to say on the subject in the future.
The reason is quite simple: the scientific basis required for the principle of cultured pathogens simply does not exist.

“There may well still be stray scientists in the world trying to produce the ultimate killer microbe in their laboratory. But they will fail in doing so, just like the people who tried to make gold in earlier times. Their scientific basis is simply wrong.”
(“On Related Issues, No. 01 – Bioweapons, the Myth of the Artificial Pathogen”)

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So-called “experts” assume that the alleged coronavirus must have come from a laboratory, amongst other reasons, because the genetic strand of SARS-CoV-2 looks highly suspicious and somehow man-made. But if one takes a closer look at the genesis of the genetic strand, it also becomes clear why this is so.
The Chinese virologists who provided the supposed proof of a new coronavirus at the beginning of 2020 were likely afraid of a possible new “killer virus” on the one hand, and on the other hand they were under tremendous pressure. Answers had to be found, and as quickly as possible. The likelihood that mistakes would be made in their work was therefore already increased many times over. Then, in the record time of only 40 hours (!), they built the model of a new SARS coronavirus genetic strand on the computer and delivered the exact answers that everybody had feared and expected. However, because the genome model was created in such a short time, it was impossible to comply with all the necessary rules of virology and genetics (despite scientific rules regularly being disregarded in virology anyway). As a result, it was only possible to create a very “bumpy” construct, as Dr. Lanka said, which only corresponds to the prerequisites of a genome model by a whisker. And it is precisely this fact that repeatedly leads scientists to believe that the virus is man-made.

The genetic strand of SARS-CoV-2 IS man-made. And YES, in principle it comes from a laboratory in Wuhan. But it is a MODEL! SARS-CoV-2 is nothing more than a computer model. It never was and never will be more than that.

The US government’s media attack and smearing of China is more likely for political rather than medical/scientific reasons.
Blaming China for the Corona crisis is nonsense and hypocrisy. Accusing the Chinese scientists of being sloppy and therefore responsible for the “Corona crisis” would also be thoroughly unfair!

The whole world is responsible for creating and maintaining the Corona Crisis. All countries have participated and played their part. So there is no need for any blame. Modern society has manoeuvred itself into this impasse over generations, so let us also together as a human family leave this impasse again and take a new path.

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The rumours surrounding bioweapons and the Wuhan virus generate exactly two things: fear and hatred. Both are poor counsellors and neither help anyone.

So instead of continuing to deal with myths of the Wuhan virus, which are just pointless scaremongering tactics, scientists in particular should rather deal with the fundamental question: does SARS-CoV-2 and all its variants really exist, or do they only exist in theory?

“As you can see now, the best bioweapon there is, is fear.” – Stefan Lanka

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Your Immanuel Project team

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