As we have already mentioned in the section “About the Project”, we are a small group of independent filmmakers. There is no corporation, organisation, party or anyone else behind us. We are independent and started this project on our own initiative and out of conviction because we, like many other people, are concerned about our basic rights and the future of our children and want to help (peacefully!) end this global Corona madness.

We will not disclose the names of all those involved until further notice. During a time when critical people are losing their bank accounts and their jobs, when dirt is thrown at them in public and they are even physically threatened because they have a different opinion, we think it is best if, for the time being, only one person goes public with his name and face for the project. In this case, that would be Mark Zaschka, the director and project leader. We are very much looking forward to proudly presenting the whole team at some point, but for the time being they will remain anonymous. We ask you to respect that.

First of all, thank you very, very much! However, we do not need any financial support at the moment. We are very lucky (at least for now) that we can still work as filmmakers and continue to receive commissions. So we are financially independent and for the time being we don’t need any additional help.

In the meantime, however, there are many people who are left with nothing, who are completely abandoned by politics and who urgently need financial support. So if you have some spare money that you would like to donate, ask around in your neighbourhood and your circle of acquaintances if anyone needs money. To loosely paraphrase the Austrian Chancellor Kurz: soon everyone will know someone who has lost everything as a result of the Corona measures.

There are several reasons. Firstly, it requires a lot of research. We’re not scientists, we’re filmmakers and we have to gather all the information we’re working on for the project and understand it in all its details. You cannot explain something to others that you yourself do not understand.

Secondly, it takes a while to find a way to explain complex, scientific relationships in relatively few, simple words and to find a way to convey and present them in a way that is easy to understand. Thirdly, we all have families to take care of.

No, there are no memberships. We are not an association or anything like that.

Immanuel Project’s sole purpose is to educate, and if you want to be part of that, just take all the information you get from us, check it out and then help educate the people around you. In doing so, you will not only be helping our project, but all people affected by the Corona crisis.

We are overwhelmed by all the offers of help we receive. We really appreciate this and we are pleased that so many people are so committed and want to do something. However, we need to be very careful about who we take into our confidence and engage with in our project. Unfortunately, these days there are always people who try to infiltrate critical initiatives and harm them. Such attempts have indeed already been made with regard to the control experiments. We therefore ask for your understanding regarding offers of help because we are fundamentally cautious and do not immediately welcome everyone with open arms.

At the moment, however, there is no further need for staff anyway. We are a small team, but we manage well. If at some point we do need more support in any area, we will make an appeal for it.

Nevertheless, many, many thanks for all the offers! 🙂

You cannot contact Dr. Lanka personally via Immanuel Project.

If you are a biologist or bioinformatician who would like to help carry out the control experiments described in the articles, please write to

and if appropriate your message will be forwarded to Dr. Lanka.

We are not allowed to give you medical advice, besides, that is not the purpose of Immanuel Project. We are not doctors or alternative practitioners, we are filmmakers. If you are interested in medical topics in general, we recommend the science magazine “Wissenschafftplus” by Dr. Lanka (, as well as the Telegram channel Corona_Fakten (

Please check this page for several articles by Dr. Lanka that have been translated into English

If you have a specific question about one of our posts, or indeed if youhave spotted errors in our videos or guides or can refute us, please feel free to write to us. Otherwise, unfortunately, we will not answer individual questions on the subjects of medicine and science. We explain all relevant scientific aspects on the topic of corona and virology in our articles. If your question has not been answered in these so far, it most likely will be in one of the next ones.

We ask for your understanding here, if we were to answer all subject-specific questions individually, we wouldn’t have time for anything else.

Thank you, but we already have a very clear, specific list of topics for our project and will not include any more topics. This also applies to alternative theories on the subject of viruses and causes of disease. ImmanuelProject is planned through and will remain a limited project, i.e. as soon as we have worked through our topics, we will have completed this project and will hand it over to the world.

Why not just start a project of this kind yourself? In these times of Corona, so many have already shown what individuals can accomplish. Go for it!

Thank you for wanting to help improve ImmanuelProject, but there are good reasons why everything is designed and staged the way it is. We are filmmakers ourselves and we are fully aware for example, that there is no tension or emotion generated in the videos. This is completely intentional! ImmanuelProject is not meant to entertain, it is a scientific project that is exclusively meant to convey (verifiable) information. Therefore, we deliberately refrain from using many elements of cinematic staging.

And if someone doesn’t like one or the other artistic decision, they will just have to put up with it;) In any case, we develop our video production from episode to episode.

Yes, of course. As long as the subtitles are a faithful translation of our videos and their content, you are welcome to include subtitles in other languages and re-upload the respective video on your own channels. It is important that our videos are not edited or otherwise changed in terms of content! We request that you also always include the video description and the sources.

For all our videos, you will find a special version on our website with a predefined area for subtitles, which you can download for free.

No! We only give permission to re-upload our videos on your own channels, as long as the videos are not changed. We do not want parts of our videos to be cut out and uploaded separately or edited together with other videos!

In order to understand all the scientific aspects around the Corona crisis and virology, many backgrounds and contexts have to be explained and understood in detail. This cannot be done with short (out of context) video clips.

Moreover, sharing and spreading individual, isolated statements or linking our content with any other (pseudo)scientific content only leads to serious errors, misunderstandings, wrong contexts and misinterpretations. And that helps no one.