This is a non-profit project. The information should be freely accessible and is intended for everyone. All our contributions can therefore be downloaded from all internet platforms, forwarded and re-uploaded on your own channels, provided that nothing is changed within them.

Main programme

In our main programme we deal in detail with the fundamental scientific publications that initiated the global corona crisis. At the same time, we also cover various areas of biology and the most important methods of scientific work in general. Each video in our main programme is accompanied by a detailed list of sources and a guide with additional information.

O. R. I.

"On Related Issues" (O.R.I.) is one of our special formats in which we address explosive issues, theories and developments in the Corona crisis or answer important questions sent to us by viewers. These contributions are primarily statements and therefore less detailed and without a detailed list of sources. However, all responses in this special format can be substantiated with the sources from our main programme.