Due to censorship, quality and technical issues

We will stop using several video platforms

Youtube has long since ceased to be an option for critical voices due to its censorship machinery. However, even though a lot of alternative platforms have sprung up, many of them are nowhere near the level of Youtube in terms of technology and quality and they also present their own problems.

We have tried out a number of platforms but so far have found only a few that we can rely on and that are viable options.

For the foreseeable future there will be no more releases on “dailymotion” and “Brand New Tube”! We might even leave these two platforms altogether. Our “Bitchute” channelis now only a back-up due to its limited quality, and will possibly be discontinued as soon as we have found a suitable alternative.

dailymotion – the French platform”dailymotion”has caused problems several times as some videos could, for inexplicable reasons, only be published in very low quality. Only after communicating with customer services were the corresponding videos then released at higher resolutions. This was annoying and cost unnecessary time and nerves. After all that, it turned out that we couldn’t publish English videos on “dailymotion” at all,they were censored as soon as they were released. And since it’s a French platform, it’s safe to assume that this would also be the case for videos in French.

Brand New Tube – because of the censorship on “dailymotion” we wanted to switch to Brand New Tube, which worked fine at the beginning. After some time, however, we could not upload any videos there due to unknown errors. This situation has not changed. We never got any answers to our multiple requests to customer service, which means we simply can’t use it anymore.

Bitchute – “Bitchute” also kept causing us major problems when uploading new videos, which again, cost us unnecessarily nerves and time. The biggest problem with this platform, however, is that videos can only be played in a relatively low resolution, which means that texts and more complex graphics in our videos cannot be seen well.

– – –

-> Our current main platform is Odysee
-> In addition, we are also now on Gegenstimme

Both platforms are not only user-friendly and technically flawless, but also offer the possibility to publish our videos in all languages without the risk of being censored!

From now on, please only use and recommend these two channels, only on these will all our videos be published!

– – –

Your Immanuel Project team

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