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“How can you work with someone like Stefan Lanka, who claims that nothing bad ever comes from nature?! You can’t take him seriously!”

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Neither Dr. Lanka nor we have ever claimed that there are no dangers for humans in nature.

Of course there are things in nature that can be dangerous to humans. For example, there are lots of toxins from animals, plants and fungi that can have a lethal effect on the human organism. Sometimes these are substances that are incompatible specifically for humans (and some animals), such as the decomposition products of bacteria in decaying tissue (“cadaveric poison”), or real poisons, such as some defence mechanisms of animals and plants, or toxins formed by moulds.

However, the prevailing sciences, especially academic medicine and related scientific disciplines, accuse nature of being arbitrary, flawed/imperfect and sometimes even downright malicious. According to this understanding, the basis of life is war which supposedly rages continuously even among the smallest creatures. Our bodies too are also alleged to be in a permanent state of war. We’re even supposed to have an internal defence system, called the “immune system”, which they claim is in a constant arms race with highly dangerous germs from nature that want to harm us all. Deadly bacteria, fungi and viruses apparently lurk everywhere and nature supposedly is constantly produces new, even more dangerous variants. This world view is not only grim and completely out of touch with reality, it is also unhealthy. It is based – like so much of the prevailing sciences – on appearances interpreted within the framework of a fixed world view.

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The healthiest people in the world certainly don’t live in disinfected, germ-free rooms, regularly taking preventive toxic medication, breathing filtered air and eating only artificial food from sterile packaging.

Those who want to stay healthy live in harmony with Mother Nature and do not work against her.

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When it comes to diseases, their causes and therapies, the consensus of academic medicine is that one must protect oneself from this dangerous nature and that one’s own body can become a deadly trap. Accordingly, people consider themselves to be in constant danger because they think there are invisible pathogens lurking all around them. Alternatively, people feel like helpless victims because they experience their bodiesto be at the mercy of their own faulty, bad “genes”which will sooner or later turn against them. For this reason, people no longer trust in nature and their own bodies, but are afraid, considering their own bodies as weak and defective and nature as evil and arbitrary.
Anyone who lives in such a world view of permanent fear and mistrust of nature (of which we are a part) cannot remain healthy in the long run. It is this precept of fear that Dr Lanka and other scientists have been questioning for years and can now clearly refute.

Nothing “evil” comes from nature! That is what it is all about!

Even the “scourge of mankind”, the so-called “cancer” is nothing evil, even though this phenomenon CAN become very dangerous for humans. “Cancer” is likewise not based on faults of the body, it is also not arbitrary and has nothing to do with supposed “genes”. When we come to the subject of “New Medicine” or “Universal Biology”, we will explain in detail why this is so.

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Your Immanuel Project Team

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